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Blizzard is once again diligently tweaking the Disturbing Visions and has a small but subtle change ready for the upcoming maintenance work on March 18, 2020: The items that players can receive about the Disturbing Visions will only be depraved as of next week -Effects are occupied.

The Corruption system, the blizzard with Patch 8.3 in World of Warcraft not only creates enthusiasm within the community, but also a lot of frustration. So that this changes at least a little in the future, Blizzard has now in the official WoW forum announced a change to the Disturbing Visions.

All items that players receive through the Disturbing Visions will have a corruption effect from March 18, 2020. Blizzard justifies this measure as follows:

"We have heard from many players that Corrupt Items are too difficult to obtain, which limits their ability to play with the system and its inherent compromises. The change will significantly increase the amount of Corrupted Items players can earn per week, allowing players to choose from a larger number of Corrupted Armor items and enjoy the benefits of the items that work best in a given situation."

With that, Blizzard may have at least partially mitigated a major problem of the corruption system: So far, many players have felt it namely, extremely frustratingthat items with a certain corruption effect and a relatively low item level were better than items without the best effect for their class specification with a significantly higher item level.

We therefore want to know from you: What do you think of the change? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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