Is it finally that time? Have we found the real culprit nowhere to buy new consoles? Maybe. You can find out what else happened this week in this episode of the GIGA Headlines.

PlayStation 5

Bloomberg: Real Reason for Hardware Scarcity

As Bloomberg claims to have found out, the real culprit for the current console shortage seems to have been found: Apparently, incorrect planning in the production of display driver and power management chips is responsible for keeping many electronic devices straight cannot be produced. The manufacturing companies probably expected that the current pandemic would cause demand to drop. Production was shut down accordingly.
The problem: The demand for components has even increased, after all, suitable equipment for the home office, home schooling or home entertainment was due last year.

So it is currently due to the production of just one dollar expensive components that not only gamers, but also the industry cannot access the new hardware. And the wait will probably take a while.

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PS5: Free to Play games without PS Plus – these games are free

LG: ThinQ for the music!

About the Easter days it was announced that the mobile division of LG will be crushed.
One of the veterans of the smartphone sector is leaving the market, although it has not been able to celebrate any major successes for several years.
Anyone who has got an LG smartphone in recent years should, however, still be provided with updates.

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Peter Hryciuk06.04.2021

Not WhatsApp: Mark Zuckerberg was discovered on this messenger

Just seven years ago we joked that Facebook bought WhatsApp for dearly money, although at the time you could subscribe to the service for little money.
The choice of Mark Zuckerberg’s Messenger seems to have been made … or has it?

After the data from over 550 million Facebook accounts appeared on the Internet on the Easter weekend, the sample was taken and Mr. Zuckerberg was found on Signal with his private cell phone number.

It is not known whether he actively used the account, but this signal account is said to have been removed from him shortly after it was discovered.

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Thomas Kolkmann14.01.2021

Starlink: New satellites launch into orbit

In addition to Tesla or SpaceX, Elon Musk has another baby: With Starlink, a global satellite Internet system is to be created that wants to provide everyone with pleasantly fast Internet. This week is another Falcon-9 missile launched with 60 additional satellites for the network.

Number of Starlink satellites - Source: Statista / SpaceX
Number of Starlink satellites – Source: Statista / SpaceX

Over 1,300 satellites are currently traveling around the earth, and in a few years there should be around 42,000.

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