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J.J. Abrams and his production company Bad Robot Productions work with Warner on a series and a film of the Justice League Dark. Many details about the content of the productions have not yet been shared. It is also unclear whether the director of Star Wars: Episode 9 will be responsible for directing Justice League Dark. In September 2011, the formation first appeared as a comic on DC.

Last year we heard about the exclusive deal between WarnerMedia and the production company Bad Robot Productions by director J.J. Abrams reports. For five years he and his wife Katie McGrath will produce various projects for Warner. According to a report by Deadline the first details of a new film and a series based on DC's "Justice League Dark" are now known. Whether J.J. Abrams himself will direct it, however, is currently unclear.

The plans for the productions between Warner and Bad Robot are still being negotiated, which is why there is no exact information about the upcoming characters of the new Justice League Dark. However, films for the cinema and series for HBO Max are also conceivable. It is also obvious that DC will establish a connection to the current Extended Universe (DCEU). There is no confirmation here either.

The Justice League Dark first appeared as a comic in September 2011. The group includes figures such as John Constantine, fortune teller Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Shade, Zatanna or the Changing Man. Wonder Woman also belonged to the Justice League Dark in the comics. We will keep you up to date when there are more details about the productions. In June 2020, DC fans can now look forward to the cinema release of Wonder Woman 1984.

Source: Deadline

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