Jade Raymond was most recently head of Stadia Games and Entertainment and took care of the first-party studios that were to develop games for the Google Stadia streaming service. But Google recently changed its strategy and closed all studios.

Jade Raymond is working on a new game

Jade Raymond has now announced that they have founded a new company, Haven, which will concentrate on the development of games that allow players to explore fantastic worlds. She explains that even after recent experiences, she remains loyal to the games industry.

Jade Raymond writes: "Today I'd like to introduce Haven, an independent studio where many of the talented game developers I've worked with for years (and whom I really appreciate!) Do what we all love most. It's on the time that we can concentrate on GAMES again in a place where we can practice our profession without obstacles or restrictions. We want to create worlds in which the players can escape, places where they can have fun, exchange ideas and Being able to meet like-minded people. We want to put all our passion into a project. We want to create a great experience for players. Because we believe in the power of games and that they enrich people's lives. And that's what Sony believes. The company strives Always aiming for the best. That's why I'm so delighted with the backing and support from Sony. Together we want to develop games that are an oasis for gamers and at the same time build a studio that is a game developer's paradise. "

As the first game from Haven, a title of a new brand is in the works, which is being developed in cooperation with Sony. It will appear for the Playstation 5 in a few years (buy now ). It is not known whether the title will also be available for other platforms.

Source: Playstation blog

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