James Bond: No time to die – next film postponed again – games update

from Andreas Bertits
The theatrical release of James Bond: No Time to Die was postponed for the fourth time. The 25th film about Agent 007 won't start until next spring.

Actually, the new one would have James Bond-Film "No Time to Die" should start in theaters in October 2019. But the director was replaced and the date had to be postponed to February 2020. Due to production difficulties, this date could not be kept and was postponed to April 2020. Then the corona pandemic struck and the film studio postponed the start to November 2020. Now it is said that this date cannot be kept either.

A disaster for cinemas

MGM, Universal and Bond producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli announced that James Bond: No Time to Die won't hit theaters until April 2, 2021. No reason was given, but it can be assumed that the ongoing corona crisis played a role in this decision.

Cinemas have been in a deep crisis since the pandemic. Although some movie theaters are open again and offer a hygiene concept in which only a few places can be occupied, film fans are still holding back. This means that more and more theatrical releases are postponed or the films start straight away via a streaming service. Of course, this has an impact on cinema chains and, above all, on smaller operators. There are fears that some cinemas will have to file for bankruptcy within the next six months.

Since there is currently no end to the pandemic in sight and the restrictions could still apply for the entire year in 2021, this could develop into a disaster for the cinema industry. Smaller cinemas in particular could not survive this.

Source: Dark Horizons / Dark Horizons

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