James Gunn's new DC film gets R-Rating

of Matthias Brückle
The new movie about Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad will do a lot differently. With Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn and a reboot of the story – and now officially with significantly more options thanks to the R rating.

Some had pondered and discussed it, now the cat with the explosive collar is out of the bag: The Suicide Squad, the quasi-sequel to Suicide Squad, will get an R-Rating in the USA. Director James Gunn confirmed this on Twitter:

In this way, The Suicide Squad will stand out in yet another aspect of Suicide Squad from 2016. The previous film only got a PG-13 rating, although director David Ayer had also requested an R rating.

R-Rating – Thank you Joker?

A possible reason for the green light for more violence & Co in The Suicide Squad could be found in the success of a DC film from 2019: Joker with Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role. The gritty DC drama is full of violence and still grossed over $ 1 billion at box offices worldwide.

Some of the characters in Suicide Squad look goofy, but there is a system behind it: in the comics, members are often C-League villains who are forced into breakneck missions.

Some of the characters in Suicide Squad look goofy, but there is a system behind it: in the comics, members are often C-League villains who are forced into breakneck missions.

Source: Jessica Miglio / Warner Bros.

What does the R-Rating mean for The Suicide Squad? Logically, for some, the question now arises as to what we can adjust accordingly. The depiction of violence in this regard is obvious. R-rated movies can show loads of blood or even flying body parts and the marks left by gunshots and cuts. On top of that, an R rating in the USA also means that the characters' language can be much more violent. As a rule of thumb, a PG-13 film has an "F-Bomb" that can occur. We can also prepare ourselves for the fact that the members of the suicide squad will not speak in a child-friendly manner.

How do you feel about the R rating for comic films? Do filmmakers rely too much on the shock factor? What example do you know of where an R rating would have helped? Write to us in the comments!

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