January has generated more sales than ever before

of Andreas Bertits
Cloud Imperium Games can look back on the most successful beginning of the year in terms of sales for the space MMO Star Citizen. The game didn't even appear properly.

When Star Citizen officially appears, is in the stars. Nevertheless, it is possible to play the space MMO in an alpha and this already brings a lot of money to the developer studio Cloud Imperium Games.

The best month so far

Cloud Imperium Games earned $ 5.2 million in January 2020. That's more than you could achieve together in January and February 2019. It is the strongest beginning of the year for the studio. One of the reasons for this is probably the sale of the Cutlass Red spaceship on January 25th. $ 390,000 was raised that day alone. A Google Spreadsheet lists the exact earnings since the Kickstarter campaign.

Star Citizen continues to fascinate many players and has a very loyal community that is always ready to invest larger sums in the game. Star Citizen is only in Alpha 3.8. There is no telling when a beta will begin, let alone when it will be released. Alpha 3.9 is scheduled to start in the first quarter of 2020. You can see what everything is planned for the near future of Star Citizen in this roadmap,

Source: Cloud Imperium Games via PC games hardware

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