It has been no secret for many years that Valve would like to realize a film adaptation of the puzzle shooter Portal, among other things, with some production studios. However, there were always setbacks and unforeseen obstacles that had to be overcome. In the recent past, the project had even become suspiciously quiet, so that it was almost forgotten. But now there is finally another sign of life – and a thoroughly positive one.

JJ Abrams, the director associated with this project, recently spoke out on the subject. As part of a press event for the 4K release of his film Super 8, he talked about the current status of the portal filming, which should give fans a lot of hope.

“There is actually a script being written (at Warner Bros.) for the portal film. We’re very excited about the approach and the pitch. It feels like things are finally getting started.”

Accordingly, there is now a useful proposal for a script for the filming of Portal (buy now 19,90 € ) that both Warner Bros. and JJ Abrams seem to approve of. Incidentally, he is not supposed to be the director of the film. Who will direct the film instead is just as little known as the authors of the script or details of the story. Accordingly, it is still not clear whether the film will be a 1: 1 adaptation of the portal game or whether the story will be told in a different way. However, the whole thing is finally moving, so that many things should be ready for decision shortly.

Those: IGN

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