John Carmack can envision a return to his old gaming brands

from Dominik Zwingmann
Industry veteran John Carmack can envision a return to his old IPs after Microsoft took over ZeniMax. The co-founder of id Software left his own studio in 2013 and switched to Oculus VR. In the following years there were public disputes between ZeniMax and John Carmack.

Microsoft's acquisition of ZeniMax Media has also generated a lot of responses from well-known names in the industry. These include John Carmack, who is known to numerous gamers as the co-founder of id Software. In 2009 ZeniMax took over the studio for around 150 million US dollars, which is why id Software is now automatically part of Xbox Game Studios after the deal between ZeniMax and Microsoft. For this reason, John Carmack can now imagine a return.

"Great! I think Microsoft has always been a good parent company for game IPs. And they don't hold a grudge against me, so maybe I can go back to my old titles." – writes down John Carmack Twitter after the takeover announcement.

In 2013, John Carmack left his own development studio and took on a new role at Oculus VR. A few years later, disputes between ZeniMax and John Carmack became public. The developer sued his former employer in 2017 for a payment of $ 22.5 million.

Acquisition adds numerous brands to Microsoft portfolio

Should John Carmack actually work on a new game from his old IPs, he would now be able to choose from Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein or Commander Keen again at Microsoft. John Carmack helped shape all of these brands back then. In addition to the IPs from id Software, Microsoft now also has access to Fallout or The Elder Scrolls. The company paid a total of 7.5 billion US dollars for the takeover.

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