Joker: Production of the sequel started

from Andreas Bertits
Warner Bros. has begun producing a sequel to the hugely successful Joker movie. Director Todd Phillips may be directing again, but he wants to do something else: more similar films about the origins of other DC characters.

After the film Joker could crack the mark of the one billion dollar in revenue with only a budget of approximately 55 million dollar, it was actually clear: Warner Bros. wants to have a Sequel. And now the production of Joker 2 has started.

Joker 2 is coming – and more

According to Hollywood Reporter Todd Phillips, director of the first film, have received an offer to return to the director's chair. He is also allowed to write the screenplay. Arthur Fleck actor Joaquin Phoenix has an option in his contract that allows him to return in a sequel if he wishes. He recently showed no reluctance to play the role again.

Todd Phillips, who is said to have earned around $ 100 million with Joker, wants to shoot more films in this style and in this universe. He allegedly suggested to Warner Bros. a whole series of "Originstory" movies about characters from the DC comic universe, but at first the studio rejected the idea. That could now be with the success of Joker (buy now for 35,99 €) but have changed. The background story of Batman, he probably will not tell, as director Matt Reeves is currently shooting a new film about the Dark Knight. However, the DC universe is full of interesting characters and we may well see some of them in films soon.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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