from Dominik Zwingmann
The developers behind the "Jurassic Life" fan project have announced that the title will now be released as a standalone game for the PC. The release is planned this year. Because the project used Valve's source engine, a copy of Half-Life 2 was previously required. In the future, however, the free Source SDK 2013 will be enough.

What started as a mod for Half-Life 2 is now a standalone game for the PC. BUTANe's hobbyists have announced that Jurassic Life will be released later this year and will be completely free. According to this, players only need the Source SDK 2013 from Steam to start the fan project. Previously, no copy of Half-Life 2 was required on the PC.

In Jurassic Life, players take on the role of Robert Muldoon, who has to investigate a number of incidents in his position as security officer at Jurassic Park. The makers want to keep the story as close as possible to the original, but have made some small changes to improve the gaming experience. In line with the standalone announcement, BUTANe have also published a new video on Jurassic Life. We have included the material below for you.

On the ModDB website you can read more details about the fan project. In addition to screenshots, the voices of the individual figures are also presented there. We keep you up to date.

Source: ModDB

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