In Magic Legends you steer a planeswalker through all kinds of missions in order to spank them in a brisk action role-playing game. Doesn’t it sound a bit counterproductive if the priest of consecration is chosen for your class? Definitely not! Because the priest of consecration with his white mana affinity can of course cast powerful healing spells to treat allies in the heat of the moment – but at the same time the priest of consecration scorches his opponents’ buttocks with dangerous flashes of light!

In Magic Legends, if you want to not only focus on oomph, but also a little support power, then at the start of the game you don’t play the geomage, the mind mage, the beastcaller, the necromage or the dimir assassin, but the priest of consecration! We will briefly present its advantages to you below! You can currently play Magic Legends in the Open Beta!

Der Weihepriester in Magic Legends

Supporter and nevertheless damage distributor: The priest of consecration in Magic Legends

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The consecration priest

The ordination priest not only provides his comrades with healing, but also uses flashes of light to punish his opponents. Angels and paladins and other helpers who support the priest of consecration on his righteous path through the imaginative game world also help him in long-range combat. Nevertheless, you are able to work great healings but also healings over time in order to nurture either your summoned servants or your Planeswalker comrades in the cooperative game.

Of course, despite the ordination priest’s preference for white mana, you don’t have to stick with it, because at the beginning of Magic Legends you choose a class with an associated starter deck. But while you fight the various missions, you collect more cards and countries in order to adapt your Planeswalker to your desired play style. Whether you then add red, blue, green or black skills to your repertoire is entirely up to you.

The priest of consecration wields a staff adorned with the symbol of Avacyn as a weapon. For the residents of Innistrad, this is a symbol of protection and balance, and you are accordingly highly regarded as a priest of consecration. The skills of the class, of course, reflect their love of order:

  • Primary Ability – Divine Lightning: fires sacred flashes of light at distant enemies.
  • Secondary Ability – Wave of Radiance: creates a radiant wave of light that inflicts damage to all enemies hit. At higher levels, this wave can also heal the allies and creatures of the ordained priest.
  • Ability to Help – Salvation: regenerates life, heals creatures, and grants a devotion stack. When there are four stacks of devotions, an angel with a lifelong connection appears who fights at the side of the ordination priest.

The developers of Magic Legends say about the priest of consecration: “The priest of consecration embodies the divine aspects of white mana. He uses this power to call the holy light to destroy his opponents and to heal his allies. The priest of consecration can also cause damage, but he is a master of support. With his class skills he can heal allied players and creatures. Players who like to play healers or supporters will have a pleasant gaming experience with the priest of consecration. “

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