Director Zack Snyder has already stated that his version of the superhero film Justice League leaves room for sequels. He had actually planned a trilogy. And maybe we'll get to see them after all.

Justice League going on?

It didn't look good as a Justice League (buy now € 8.99 ) at the cinema release in 2017 did not find the desired response from the fans. However, this is a version that director Joss Whedon completed after Zack Synder had to leave the project due to a death in the family. Now he is allowed to finish his 4-hour version and we will see it on March 18th. The film ends with a cliffhanger and the ideas for the sequels sound very exciting.

Zack Snyder's Justice League has caused so much attention that insider Grace Randolph says the film studio is interested in having the two sequels shot now. Several independent sources have confirmed this to her. Zack Snyder is also set to direct Wonder Woman 3. At least that's what Warner Bros. would like. It becomes problematic, however, to make sure that all actors are again in the Justice League sequels. Ben Affleck, for example, has already hung up the dark knight Batman's cape and Robert Pattinson took over for him in a kind of reboot of the cartoon character. A reboot to Superman is also planned.

The question arises as to whether viewers might accept multiple versions of the comic book heroes or be more confused. But this is where the upcoming film Flash could start. Because this is supposed to introduce a multiverse with, for example, several versions of Batman. This could explain the different variants of the superheroes.

We'll have to see if the sequels to Justice League really come. The decision also depends on how Zack Snyder's Justice League is received when the film starts on March 18th.

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