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The Director's Cut of Justice League is shown in a new two-minute trailer. There are some new and cut scenes to marvel at that weren't included in the Whedon version. First and foremost, of course, a moment with Jared Leto as Joker.

From meme to big blockbuster release on HBO Max: Justice League will be released (at least in the US) on March 18 via Warner's streaming service. In order to whet the appetite for the spectacle, there is now a two-minute trailer showing a mountain of newly shot and previously removed scenes:

What is the Snyder Cut? Due to a family tragedy, Snyder turned the rest of the filming of Justice League over (buy now € 9.79 ) to Joss Whedon. Together with the studio, he edited the theatrical version, which Snyder fans hate. Snyder himself has repeatedly teased over the years that hardly anything of his vision could be seen in the cinema – this is now to be finally shown in the "Snyder Cut".

Special moments of the trailer

  • Superman wears the infamous black suit that was previously denied to him in the film.
  • A particularly prickly steppe wolf consults with Darkseid.
  • Batman meets the Joker!

The latter in particular is causing quite a stir. After all, viewers have never been able to see Jared Leto's version of the Batman nemesis in dialogue with the dark avenger. The scene shown in a dream sequence by Bruce Wayne is probably the "four or five minutes of new recordings", which Snyder shot especially for the Director's Cut. The specially emphasized sentence "we live in a society …" is now causing a lot of laughter – after all, that's what it is now more of a meme than a serious sentence.

But if you think that the film is identical to the theatrical version with the exception of five minutes, you're wrong: Snyder has visually reworked a lot of scenes (see Batman's black suit, Steppenwolf's spines) and processed a lot of recordings that were shot for the theatrical version, but by Whedon were not used.

Source: Gamesradar

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