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Rumor has it that Warner Bros. is currently working on a new Justice League film. But this should be something very special and lead to a kind of reboot.

It is now known that the films for the DC comics are not going so well. But maybe that will change in the future, because the Warner Bros. film studio apparently has a plan.

Is the DC film reboot coming?

Rumor has it that Warner Bros. is currently calling a new movie Justice League: Rebirth should prepare. This is not the Justice League Synder Cut, but a new flick. It is said to be a regular feature film, the screenplay of which is said to have been written by Christina Hodson (Birds of Prey) and by J.J. Abrams is produced.

The film is treated as a kind of reboot of the entire DC comic film universe. There is a possibility that we will experience the beginnings of this reboot with the upcoming film on Flash. Flash is supposed to change the timeline, which leads to some innovations in the universe. For example, it is planned that Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne's father, will take on the role of Batman in the future.

Justice League (buy now for 7.26 €): Rebirth should then complete this reboot and bring with it a kind of revitalization of the film series. How exactly this looks is unclear. However, we could see major changes. Maybe something is planned that DC Comics tried with the "New 52" comics about ten years ago. The entire universe was redesigned and modernized and later it turned out that everything was playing in a parallel universe.

At the moment, however, it is only rumors. However, it is absolutely possible that Warner Bros. is planning something in this direction to save the DC films and put everything back to the beginning.

Source: Latino Review

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