After years of fans on the Snyder cut of Justice League, the release of director Zack Snyder's version is actually about to be released. The filmmaker announced the date for "Zack Snyder's Justice League" via Twitter today. The DC project can be seen on HBO Max from March 18, 2021.

When the Snyder-Cut will be available in Germany has not yet been determined. Since there will be no HBO Max in this country for the foreseeable future, the film has to be released through other channels. HBO and Sky Deutschland recently extended their long-term partnership. In line with the announcement of the date, Zack Synder also shared three different posters for the film.

Justice League was originally shot in the director's chair with Zack Snyder. For personal reasons, however, the director had to leave the project at short notice. A little later, Joss Wheadon took over his job on the set and was responsible, among other things, for re-shooting the film. After Justice League did not live up to expectations in the end, fans wanted the film to be Snyder for years. In 2020, HBO gave in and gave Zack Snyder a budget to produce his own version for the streaming service. According to the director's statements, the new edition will be much darker than the original. In addition, the film is said to have a length of just under four hours. We will keep you up to date when there is information about the Germany release.

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