A new trailer for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot gives a closer look at the development possibilities of your character, or also: How to Super Saiyan.

It has long been clear that Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot does not want to become a blunt beating game. A new trailer shows the possibilities of character development and that are surprisingly complex, In fact, the entire game has a high percentage of RPG elements.

Open your eyes to the trailer:

In the game you will find Side quests, a skill tree, buffs for status values ​​through special food and the community boardwith which special skills can be unlocked.

These individual elements have depth. In the skills tree, for example, new skills can be unlocked and existing ones improved. To do this, players have to collect Z orbs that come in different colors. Skills need different colored Z orbs to be unlocked – and still other skills have to be earned by practicing on a training ground.

The soul emblems are earned through the main story or side quests. These can then be used on the community board and give bonuses. Related sets of emblems further reinforce these bonuses.

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Food also plays an important role – how could it be any different with Son Goku? Whether berries from a tree or a caught fish around the campfire, eating can temporarily or permanently improve values. The best bonuses are provided by chefs' meals, but the player needs ingredients and recipes for this.

How role-playing ig Dragon Ball: Kakarot really is, dear Franzi reveals in her Game preview,

So there is much more to do in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot than to beat your opponents. The end result will be released on January 17th, 2020 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. So in a few days it will be ready; then you can play the Dragon Ball Z saga yourself. Do you like the game's RPG approach or isn't that your case? Write your opinion in the comments.