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The developers of Squad provide the popular space simulation Kerbal Space Program with a free update. In collaboration with the European Space Agency, the "Shared Horizons" DLC was released, which lets you experience two missions that are modeled on real ESA missions.

As of yesterday, the update entitled Shared Horizons has been available for download free of charge for the PC version of Kerbal Space Program. From now on you can dress your little green space travelers with the original outfits of the European Space Agency. Together with ESA, developer Squad and Publisher Private Division have two real space missions recreated for the world of Kerbin. A new rocket – the Ariane 5 – as well as new spare parts and experiments are also part of the update.

The first mission is called BepiColombo and takes you into the orbit of the planet Moho, the in-game equivalent of Mercury. In addition to a complicated landing, you also have to carry out some experiments that are based on the real cooperation between the European Space Agency and the Japanese space agency JAXA. The second mission, Rosetta, pays homage to a comet belonging to the Jupiter family. This event made it possible to collect important data regarding the comet's surroundings.

Günther Hasinger, Scientific Director of ESA, also spoke in order to apply the update. The BepiColombo and Rosetta missions are scientifically very complex undertakings, but completing them was very worthwhile for ESA and the scientific community. Since many of the scientists and engineers at ESA would also be familiar with the Kerbal Space Program, Hasinger says, he is very pleased that these groundbreaking missions can now also be experienced on Kerbin.

The update should also appear at a later date for the console versions on PS4 and Xbox One. A second part of the space simulation is also under development. Due to the corona pandemic, the release will be postponed to autumn next year.

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