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US President Donald Trump made a small guest appearance in the movie Kevin alone in New York. But this was cut out by the Canadian broadcaster CBC, which has led to some discussions.

In the movie Kevin alone in New York When Kevin arrives at the Plaza Hotel, he meets the then owner of the hotel, Donald Trump. This shows Kevin the way to the lobby. But in the version that the Canadian TV station CBC showed for Christmas, this scene was missing.

No Donald Trump in Kevin alone in New York

This led to heated discussions. Why was this scene removed? Did it have political reasons? A spokesman for CBC spoke up and tried to clarify the situation: "As is so often the case with feature films adapted for television, Kevin was edited in New York alone due to time constraints. The Donald Trump scene was one of several that were cut out of the film because none of them were part of the storyline. These changes took place back in 2014 when we first purchased the film and before Mr. Trump was elected president. "

According to the CBC, the scene has been missing in Kevin alone in New York for several years (buy now for € 5.99), which apparently has only just now become apparent.

Source: Dark horizons

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