KeyWe: Preview of the cute post-game with co-op focus – current game

The next time you complain that your package is late again, you will now receive the cause. There's a lot going on at the post office, because in the new game by the developer Stonewheat & Sons it's not people working, but kiwis in the chaotic post office.

The cute New Zealand birds work in a team of two to handle the tasks of the post. Each player controls his own kiwi. In addition to the local co-op mode, which we were able to test in the demo, a single player mode will also be added to the release. The colorful and inviting post office itself is also the game's start menu. The interactive study with cozy furnishings has four menu items, which are placed as large headings in different areas of the room. A background music that spreads holiday mood rounds off the tropical, colorful atmosphere.

The little round birds with their big button eyes aren't cute enough yet? No problem, because the game offers different hats, glasses and fur colors. However, they are not easy to have. With stamps as currency, the differently expensive accessories can be purchased. However, the stamps in the demo version could not be played. Are there any microtransactions here?

We decided on these looks in the demo

We decided on these looks in the demo

Source: PC games

When we visited the shop for the first time, we had 30 stamps per kiwi. These are sufficient for two of the nine different cosmetic articles. We opted for a green skin and round sunglasses as well as the penguin skin with a winter hat. Unfortunately we could no longer afford the fedora hat and party sunglasses. A few empty boxes in the cosmetic cabinet tell us that the players can expect more kiwi clothing for the release.

Work between stamps and switches

The demo version of KeyWe offered us the choice between two jobs. Our little feathered friend can either send telegrams or send letters. Since we could not choose between these irresistible tasks, we dutifully tried both jobs, as we are. Each job is started with a tutorial. Impatient or adventurous players can simply skip this. After that, our little kiwi was also directly confronted with the first customer inquiry. Of course, there is also a time limit for the extra kick of adrenaline. Stress-free working at Swiss Post remains a utopia even in this pretty office.

Type telegrams in the team

If we decide to send a telegram, the game sends us to a large desk full of levers, bells and buttons. The buttons, each with a letter on it, are spread all over the table and can be reached by running and jumping the bird.

Knobs and buttons as far as the eye can see

Knobs and buttons as far as the eye can see

Source: Stonewheat and Sons

The typewriter-look of the buttons and the antique-looking levers could be called vintage by the fashion-conscious gamer. The task is to type in incoming sentences and send them off at the end. Since each of the two players chases their own kiwi across the desk, a good arrangement is essential. Under time pressure, you have to pay close attention to which letter has already been typed. You can also use keys on rotating disks and randomly swapping letters. The little kiwis are fully involved in this chaotic task. To push a button, you have to throw your butt on the button. The sentences to be written are shown on a large screen in the background. Unfortunately, the word is only fully legible when the kiwi is in the back of the table.

In task two we are at a work station that is equipped with a treadmill and a sound player. To send a letter, our kiwis must first insert a sound roll into the device. This then plays a message for us, which we now have to put together from the scattered word snippets in the room. The cuddly kiwi bodies are used as living stamps. The scraps of words can be picked up with the buttocks of the kiwis and glued to a large piece of paper. Once there, the word part is put on paper with a small flop.

The nimble postman loves his snacks.

The nimble postman loves his snacks.

Source: Stonewheat and Sons

This is by far the nicest way to write a letter that we have ever come across. The finished letter is then handed over to a deliverer. The deliverers are large and fast ratites that look very similar to the Australian cassowary. Before you can finally get the animals to deliver, these voracious companions demand a lot of treats from you. Since we had to tie the bag strap on the back of the emus at the same time, a lot of patience and skill is required for this task. In any case, we were sweating a lot.

The cute post-puzzle often made us smile in the demo. It is too sweet to watch the kiwi flop on buttons and small signs with the bottom. Especially if the animals are wearing cool sunglasses or a funny hat. Even without a tutorial, the mini-games are quite intuitive and well suited for fast and intense fun for two. It remains to be seen whether the cute puzzler game will maintain this chaotic pleasure in the long term. The demo ran smoothly and we could not find any problems in the game itself. There were still a few bugs when KeyWe started. For example, the game could only be opened in windowed mode. Until the launch of Steam 2021, which is still unknown, developers should have enough time to fix such problems.

My opinion

FromMelanie Weißmann

The little chubby birds surprised me with their charm.

KeyWe's Cuteness level is actually over 9000 and thus clearly overshadows the two fun mini-games. In both Coop games, I clearly felt the wealth of ideas behind design and gameplay. Unfortunately, the puzzler still lacks a certain incentive for long-term game motivation. What is not yet can be done until the release. I am very excited to see what other adventures the little kiwis can still experience.

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