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The legendary football manager returns with kick-off in 2022. A Kickstarter campaign will run until Saturday to collect more budget for development. The stated goal of 100,000 euros was achieved early on. At the moment, the counter stands at just under 200,000 euros. Thanks to their financial support, fans have already achieved four of the five stretch goals. This is linked to additional game features such as the national team and half-time speeches for kick-off 2022.

The developers at 2tainment have had a successful Kickstarter campaign Kick-off in 2022. The campaign, which runs until August 22, has already raised almost 200,000 euros for the development of the football manager. The stated goal of 100,000 euros was achieved in less time. With their financial support, fans have already unlocked four out of five stretch goals on Kickstarter. These include features such as the national team, half-time speeches, a version for macOS and Linux and other extras for the finished game of Kick-off 2022.

Until the end of the Kickstarter campaign on Saturday, players can unlock another stretch goal for kick-off 2022. This is an online multiplayer mode, with direct matches and an online mode being added to Kick-off 2022. Implementation of the feature beckons when the financing target of 250,000 euros is reached. "In order for there to be an open exchange of blows online, a great deal of technical effort is necessary. In order to be able to realize this, we have to be active again on the transfer market and need the additional budget in the event that it occurs," write the developers on the stretch goal Kickstarter.

"What you quickly forget when you focus on stretch goals is that the Kickstarter campaign is primarily about getting the community involved. We are incredibly grateful for the great support not only for the Kickstarter campaign itself, but also for the commitment to development, "comments Managing Director Stefan Weyl. The fan feedback should flow directly into the development of Kick-off 2022. As an example, Weyl cites the strength system: "We look closely at the input from the fans and will try to implement as much of it as possible." The release is scheduled for June 2021 at the earliest.

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