Kickstarter campaign for new cyberpunk RPG launched

of Andreas Bertits
You are waiting for the CD project Reds Cyberpunk 2077 and think the scenario is really cool? Then the Kickstarter campaign of the RPG game Gamedec may spark your interest.

Cyberpunk is the order of the day. That's why you can now participate in the Kickstarter campaign of a new RPG with this scenario: Gamedec.

Detective in virtual worlds

In the 22nd century, much of life no longer takes place in the real world, but in the virtual world. But there is chatting. Those who have power and money can change the rules in these worlds as they please. In RPG Gamedec you play a so-called Gamedec, which is supposed to track down such cheaters. You will travel through the different worlds, ranging from prehistoric places to feudal Japan.

The game is played from an isometric perspective. You adapt your character based on special skills. In the course of the action you have to make decisions again and again, which can sometimes have serious effects. You are looking for fights in vain. Gamedec is more of a detective game and is somewhat reminiscent of the hit Disco Elysium.

Did the RPG spark your interest? Then you can join the Kickstarter campaign participate. The developers want to use this to raise over 46,000 euros by April 28. Gamedec is due to appear towards the end of the year.

Source: Kickstarter

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