It's almost a classic among Fortnite stories when parents try to buy something with a credit card and find that the kids bought skins for a few thousand dollars.

This "classic", and not to his delight, was also enjoyed by ex-NBA professional Kendrick Perkins when his two sons were on a shopping tour in Fortnite. As always, the whole thing only started when Perkins' credit card was declined in a shop because its limit was reached. Only by looking at the credit card statement did he find that his sons had bought skins worth $ 16,000.

In a panel discussion by the sports broadcaster ESPN, Perkins told of the incident:

"I hate video games," Perkins explains. He himself has nothing to do with gaming, but his two sons (the older one is 12) love Fortnite and NBA2K. According to Perkins, the mother should take care of the video game stuff and he wants nothing to do with it. Apparently that also worked, they didn't even bother him with their daily skin purchases.

However, he is to blame for the game that trickes the children. The game is free and then you have to buy skins and everything. We all know that there can be no question of "must". Fortnite lets players play the Battle Royale in full without paying anything. The fact that a 12-year-old with unrestricted access to a credit card loses a little control in the Fortnite shop is now less surprising.

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However, the discussion group agrees that the children should be punished. Maybe it would an informative discussion, also on dealing with money, also advisable. A good idea, too, could be a little self-reflection. A 12-year-old with a credit card is certainly something that the Perkins family could rethink.

In the end, Kendrick Perkins got his money back.

What do you say about the topic? Was Perkins right and Fortnite tried to outsmart the young players, or should he sometimes touch his own nose? Write your opinion in the comments.