Warhorse Studios and former Netflix manager Erik Barmack are planning a film adaptation of the role-playing game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It is not yet known whether this is a movie or a series.

Heinrich as a film hero

Erik Barmack is also working on a film adaptation of Sega's action game series Yakuza. Both projects were said to be "amazing, non-US worlds," "locally relevant, but with a regional and global popularity that streaming services are looking for as they become more global."

In particular to Kingdom Come: Deliverance (buy now € 17.90 /€ 19.99 ) He added, "It is particularly interesting that story-focused video games like 'The Witcher' and 'Kingdom Come: Deliverance' are uniquely adaptable while being local and global at the same time."

It is not known whether we will see the story from the role-playing game as a series or a film, or whether it is basically just a hook for a new story in this world. In the game we follow the adventures of the blacksmith's son Heinrich in 1403, who is drawn into a war. His home village and his family fell victim to this war. Heinrich then joins Mr. Radzig Kobyla to take action against the invaders.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance had a hard time at first because major publishers refused to market the RPG. But now it is even to be made into a film. Martin Frývaldský of Warhorse Studios said: "Everyone wanted some magic in games, and we had a game where you start as a blacksmith's son, but a kind of hero can never become king."

"The biggest feedback we have received from the community and the critics is that this is a very believable story that is easy to relate to and where you can easily identify with a not-so-heroic hero," added Tobias Stolz- Zwilling, PR manager at Warhorse Studios.

When the series or film for Kingdom Come: Deliverance starts is not yet certain.

Source: Variety

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