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Kingdom Hearts player dances tough boss to death

Various bosses make our games varied and regularly put us to the test. Some of them are much harder than others, for example Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts. Even with the controller, the fight is tough, but it was too boring for a streamer.

Kingdom Hearts

We recently reported on a streamer who won Fall Guys with a guitar, today we report on a streamer who danced Sephiroth to death.

Sephiroth is considered one of the toughest bosses in the franchise in Kingdom Hearts. It is often said that it is one of the best fights as it pushes the players to their limit. Streamer SarahKey did it and beat him – with a dance mat.

Sometimes you just ask yourself "why?"

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Kingdom Hearts Extreme

Sora has to face the fight against Sephiroth alone. Donald and Goofy are not allowed to participate, which means that healing can be difficult. For SarahKey that meant to regenerate health by using the menuswhile she had to deftly evade and attack Sephiroth.

Understandable that after this workout she fell to the ground at the end of the fight, after all, it was extreme a lot of footwork and coordination asked. The joy of winning the game probably added to that. We congratulate her on this achievement.

Kingdom Hearts III (PS4 / Xbox One)

Kingdom Hearts III (PS4 / Xbox One)

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