Knock beetle! Everything about Ahn'Qiraj in Classic

The number 150 of the MMORE is ready and will soon be coming to the magazine dealers you trust and to your mailbox if you are one of our loyal subscribers. The issue will be on sale on July 15, 2020, a few days before our subscribers will already see it! This booklet prepares you for the long-awaited start of Classics Phase 5, which gives you access to all Ahn'Qiraj content and the extensive quest series for Tier 0.5 (aka Dungeon Set 2). We also answer the question of vertical and horizontal game structure in online role-playing games and how to design WoW without an item spiral. From the Alpha of WoW: Shadowlands we have reports of the adventures in Maldraxxus and Ardenwald and we dedicate ourselves to the power of mana.

Who else could be "the first" to make Azeroth before the titans' arrival? What pact did Sylvanas make with Helya? And how is the pantheon of the gods of death structured – and where does the judge and jailer find their place? You can find this and more in MMORE 08/2020, issue number 150. Some highlights can be found in the gallery below!

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Some highlights of the MMORE 08/2020

MMORE 08/2020: Knock beetle! Everything about Ahn'Qiraj in Classic and more! (Source: buffed)

Our news from the editorial team: Good night, 2020 …
This year has started promisingly, but is increasingly and somehow getting faster and faster towards a chaos that is second to none – a real whirling nether in real life! An unprecedented pandemic is spreading and severely restricting what we would call normal – probably for quite a long time, after all, it cannot be easily switched off. Everywhere people are forced to take to the streets to denounce grievances (some of which are long overdue). And that in turn has an impact on the things we are used to. Then why not occasionally disappear into a virtual world for a moment, and lock out the outside world for that moment and just have fun? Don't get me wrong, we should stand in reality and in fiction about our opinions and ideals, and fight for it in a peaceful way. But I can understand just as well if you occasionally have the feeling that your head is overflowing with the many, mostly negative, news that will blow your mind every day. Sometimes it helps to take an hour off.

Everything stays different
But even in the favorite game worlds, not everything is as we are used to. Feeling out of nowhere, the best WoW guild ever, in terms of World First Races, has imploded with a blazing beacon. Method no longer exists and we took this as an opportunity to write about why Method was pioneering in some respects – and why we should keep the name Method in good memory despite the (sometimes massive) misconduct of some members. Our texts on the fifth phase of WoW Classic are also a guide, because on July 29 the race for the kingdom of Ahn'Qiraj lost in the desert sand starts. If you don't like looking back into the classic days of the online role-playing game, you can instead look to the future: We have found out for you what will happen in Shadowlands' regions Maldraxxus and Ardenwald. And in the class guides you will find all sorts of tips and inspiration for current, classic and upcoming content to pass the time in Azeroth until the veil is torn between life and death. Do you have an opinion on the topics that we cover in the magazine or do you just want to take a breath? Then write to us at [email protected] and [email protected] We read your post carefully and try to be of help if you face apparently insoluble problems. Promised!

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