Kojima is working on the next brainfuck

We all know Kojima has to work on something with his production company, after all, Death Stranding spilled onto the shores of the gaming landscape almost exactly a year ago. But now it's official: Kojima is working on a new game! What could it be? Horror? Death Stranding 2? And most importantly, will Sam be allowed to deliver packages again?

Death Stranding

Death Stranding was without question strangest game 2019, but also one of the best (most difficult, sadistic, poetic!) – if you ask me. For a year, game maker Hideo Kojima only had breadcrumbs for a possible event new project ejected, starting with indications of something Horror game (the PT community freaked out) to Death Stranding 2 (the Death Stranding community freaked out). What will it be?

Although that has not yet been determined, it is at least clear after an official tweet that Kojima and his team are on something handcraft:

If you happen to find talented developers, writers, sound designers or programmers among you who speak Japanese, you might want to look to some of the Apply for jobs here.

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Death Stranding 2 doesn't seem to be quite as likely in my opinion, and Kojima has already been released in the middle of the year Voiced on PT and Metal Gearwhose brands are both still with Konami – and not with Kojima Productions: In a Japanese interview with LiveDoor Kojiama has denied that he had access to the brands, and he also said a big project went wrongwhat would have annoyed him. But he's already working on something new.

This new project is very likely what is meant in the tweet above. After the official announcement, it may not be far to a little trailer or at least a few words about what it is actually about. We'll keep you up to date.

Marina Hansel
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