Kojima wants to make smaller games and manga

Hideo Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa recently interviewed about what projects they would like to undertake. Kojima is now apparently looking for variety, because no matter how great big games like Death Stranding may be, small projects also have a certain charm for him.

The February edition of the Famitsu magazine, Readers are waiting in the magazine 30 pages about Kojima Productions, whole five pages of it were Kojima and Shinkawa dedicated alone. As part of a interviews they talked about the development of Death Stranding and upcoming plansfans could probably pick up with a laughing and a crying eye.

Let's see which games will replace them.

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Hideo Kojima's next project: You should be able to touch it

After Kojima and Shinkawa interviewed a lot about the past quipped, it was also about the future, When asked what they would like to do together, they both agreed: A manga, Shinkawa likes things you can touch, so something analogous to a manga would be just right in her opinion. On the other hand, he joked that he has had more and more problems reading lately – good thing that manga mostly consist of pictures.

Next they mentioned that Death stranding includes many different weapons, but only few mecha, Reason for Kojima to do something more on this topic and to commission Shinkawa with designs. They came in Anime Project to mind, but since that requires a lot of work, would be a game meaningful. That could well be one strange touch because even if others thought Death Stranding was a strange game, it wasn't for Kojima and Shinkawa – on the contrary! You still have a need much stranger specimens close.

According to Kojima, there are already many to the delight of the fans Projects in progress, Including a "great game“Although he is currently smaller titles on digital episodes based, would prefer. There is currently no further information on the “big” game mentioned. What would you wish for? Maybe Silent Hills? Please write us your ideas in the comments below.