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Do you also belong to the players who have the Alterac Valley quest "The Legend of Korrak" in their log for the current anniversary event, but have not been able to complete the quest target Korrak yet, as the opposing faction has been faster and faster? Then we have a tip for you! You can also challenge Korrak at the Amphitheater of Agony in Zul'Drak in Northrend.

Until January 8, 2020 she runs, the Anniversary break from WoW: Battle for Azeroth, Until then you can take part in the Anniversary Raid, blow up the old world bosses or sign up for Korraks Revenge PvP mode. The latter is for example one great way to level your twinks,

Speaking of Korrak's Revenge: Are you also one of the players to complete the quest for the current Alterac Valley Event? <A href = "" title = "The legend of Korrak"target =" _ blank ">The legend of Korrak in the log, the quest goal – Korraks demise – but could not complete so far, as the opposing faction was faster and faster? Then we have a tip for you (via Vanion and Wowhead)!

On Korrak you meet in the course of the arena quest series for the amphitheater of the agony in Zul'Drak in Northrend. You have to kill six opponents in total. No. 5 is none other than Korrak, the bloodthirsty one.

In the & nbsp; Agony amphitheater in Zul'Drak in Northrend you also meet Korrak.

In the amphitheater of the agony in Zul'Drak in Northrend you also meet Korrak.

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Those who did not do the quest line at the time can actually use it for that, too The legend of Korrak complete. If you were already a champion of the arena at the time, you can still help another player complete the quest line to complete Korrak. Unfortunately, the arena event can not be started without the quest or a teammate with the quest. Of course, the Nordend gladiators with level 120 are no longer a problem and the whole event is mastered in a few minutes.

Since the event has been going on for quite some time and this alternative route has not been fixed via hotfix so far, chances are good that you can fully enjoy this tip until the 8th of January.

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