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Just a few days ago, the release of the space simulation Kerbal Space Program 2 was postponed. Now it turned out that Take-Two stopped the project with the actual developer Star Theory, but wanted to continue it himself. The developers found out about this only through a message via LinkeIn.

It's a very curious situation that Bloomberg author Jason Schreier describes. Only recently has space simulation Kerbal Space Program 2 postponed, but now it came to light that the developers had already learned via LinkedIn last year that Take-Two wanted to stomp the project. The work is still going on.

Take-Two hired developers

"This was an incredibly difficult decision for us, but it became necessary when we believed that business circumstances could affect the development, execution, and integrity of the game. We recommend that you apply to us for this purpose."

This news from Michael Cook, Executive Producer at Private Division, a Take-Two label, was received by developers at Studio Star Theory last December via LinkedIn and fell out of the clouds. Take-Two discontinued the cooperation with the developer studio and thus also the Kerbal Space Program 2 project, but now wanted to poach the developers to continue the game at a newly founded studio. If you wanted to accept the offer, you should receive bonus payments, a good salary and other benefits. It was a disaster for Star Theory because the Take-Two contract was the only source of income.

KSP 2: Video introduces the new developers

Star Theory wanted to sell the studio to Take-Two, but the founders were unsatisfied with the terms. New contracts were to be drawn up with other companies, but around a third of the developers accepted Take-Two's offer, including the studio's director and creative director. In March the developer studio had to close its doors. This explains how the developer studio for the game changed.

Meanwhile, more than half of the original team behind Kerbal Space Program 2 continues to work on the title at the new Studio Intercept Games. It should now appear in autumn 2021.

Source: Bloomberg

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