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The WoW developers have noticed a problem with the honor system on the WoW Classic servers. This is expressed in the fact that some players still the honor values ​​of the past week are displayed, but not the current. The caching issue will be fixed with server reboots on November 21, 2019, the game designers promise.

After some of the classic PvP anarchy broke out on WoW's Classic servers and the legendary battles were revived at PvP hotspots such as Hillsbrad Foothills, Crossroads or even Arathi Highlands, one or two Classic Heroes wondered why the accumulated honor points have hardly risen compared to the previous week – in fact not at all. However, in many cases this has less to do with accumulating so many dishonorable kills that it compensates for the honorable kills, but rather with a server caching problem. At least Community Manager Kaivax reported in the official forums to WoW (Buy now for 17,29 €) Classic, and has at the same time a solution ready: just show a little patience.

"We've found a problem with us and a cache issue is causing some players to see their last week's honors," said Kaivax. "We assure you that the collected kills of each hero will be counted correctly, and after an additional server restart in each region you will also see the correct rank for that week." Since the problem only arose after the usual weekly resets, you have to wait a bit for the right ad. As Kaivax assures, the European Classic Realms will be re-launched at 03:00 on 21 November 2019. The contribution to the Honor caching problem is here. As some of the Classic fans in the official forums are quite indignant, we want to draw your attention to following some of the rules of the net quiz.

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