Land of the Lions DLC launch trailer

from Thilo Bayer
Ubisoft and Blue Byte have released the launch trailer for the sixth DLC for Anno 1800, Land of the Lions, which also concludes Season Pass 2. In the largest content expansion to date for Anno 1800, players are invited to the Enbesa region, where they can discover a ton of new content such as new population levels, buildings, gameplay mechanics and more.

Land of lions brings a whole new level to the game world of Anno 1800, where players can discover Enbesa, inspired by East Africa, in all its beauty. The arid weather conditions bring a completely new element to the game: the irrigation system. So it will be possible for the players to tame the harsh landscape of Enbesa. With the help of the new research institute, players can also research and manufacture new inventions, items or major breakthroughs in order to achieve their goals. In the more than 10 hours long new story content, you enter the service of Ketema, the Emperor of Enbesa, who assigns the player to build his new capital, ward off foreign influence over his nation and learn more about the rich culture and history of To learn about Enbesa. Land of lions also brings new gameplay mechanics, the irrigation system, the research institute, two new population levels in Enbesa, a new population level in the old world, new production chains, as well as hibiscus tea and telephones, 90 new buildings, 3 new quest islands, 134 new items and much more more.

In addition to Land of lions DLC, released for Anno 1800 also the free game update 9, which brings general improvements for the players. Among other things, more relevant information should be displayed there and a lot of clicking around should be saved. Game Update 9 brings many improvements that have often been asked about in the Anno Union, such as selecting a destination port when sending a ship to another region, an improved trading menu and updates to the statistics overview and the newspaper system.

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Ubisoft and Blue Byte are showing a teaser trailer for the sixth DLC for Anno 1800, Land of the Lions, which also concludes Season Pass 2. Land of Lions is set to be the largest Anno 1800 DLC ever and will be released in October 2020. Ubisoft writes: "Welcome to our new region: Enbesa. Explore the beautiful coastlines of the savannah. Work with Emperor Ketema to make the land florist. Master the new game mechanics, such as the irrigation channels and the new research feature." Pc

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