Larian criticizes player-made heroes

from Andreas Bertits
The role-playing game Baldur's Gate 3 is in the early access phase and apparently the players are creating rather boring heroes. The developers have now asked the players to be a little bolder with the character editor.

How does your self-created hero see in the role play Baldur's Gate 3 out? Do you rather play heroes that are modeled after you or do you let your imagination run wild in the editor to create completely wacky characters?

Show more creativity!

According to Larian Studios, the majority created more of a run-of-the-mill hero. A character that just looks generic and uninteresting. The character editor offers so much more freedom and possibilities.

"Congratulations, you basically created the standard Vault dweller," Larian said. "What the hell guys. We gave you demonic eyes, horns, and even tails. We are deeply disappointed. Go nuts with this. We worked hard on it."

Indeed, Baldur's Gate 3's character editor lets you create totally wacky characters. The editor is something that many players praise, but curiously enough, it is not used to create a really interesting hero. Is this perhaps because you don't play the early access version of the RPG "seriously", but just want to get a taste of it and simply create a hero quickly?

Or is it the case that you want to identify with the character and then rather create him as you might see yourself? Perhaps some would also like to play a more nondescript character drawn into an adventure. Kind of a farm boy who suddenly becomes a hero.

In any case, Larian Studios would like you to create much crazier characters with BG3's character editor.

Source: Steam

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