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Whoever relies on mobility buff food in WoW Classic will hopefully have caught enough winter squids. Starting tomorrow (March 21, 2020), they will disappear from the waters of Azeroth and will only reappear on September 21.

In WoW Classic, the seasons actually play a role, for example when fishing. For example, from September 21st to March 21st only winter season fish are active. One of the most popular types is Winter squid. This is particularly valuable because it is the only one that can be used to produce buff food with + flexibility.

Grilled squid grant yourself ten points of agility for ten minutes. As mentioned, it is no longer to be found in the waters in the morning of March 21st. If you are dependent on the mobility buff food, you should now stock up (before the prices in the auction house rise) or cast out the fishing route. You have the best chance of squids on the coast of Azshara.

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Source: wowhead.com

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