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The Pokémon Go Hub Dataminer found another Galar Pokémon in the data of the latest Pokémon Go APK, which apparently comes into play with the special research Champ of the 2020 nostalgia challenge and the events associated with it: Galar-Porenta aka Lauchzelot . There are also references to Team Rockets Jessie and James!

The developers of Pokémon Go have already announced that some Generation 8 Pokémon from the Galar region will come into play with events related to the Champ special research of the 2020 nostalgia challenge. Officially confirmed in terms of Galar-Zigzach with its evolutions Galar-Geradaks and Barrikadax, Galar-Flampion and Galar-Flampivian, Galar-Flunschlik, as well as Galar-Mauzi and the further development Mauzinger. It is interesting at the point that you can apparently encounter most of them in their crypto version, which may be redeemed. So it is very likely that these Mon in their first stage can also be snatched up by Team Go Rocket's villains or maybe even bosses – but more on that in a moment.

Those of you who are doing all the limited research on Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh of the 2020 nostalgia challenge will have the encounter with Galar-Mauzi and Galar-Flunschlik in June 2020 anyway, because these trainers will get the (by the way unlimited) special research Champ of the 2020 nostalgia challenge. And the two Galar-Mon are a guaranteed reward for completing the tasks.

But back to the data found by the people at Pokémon Go Hub. Because apparently another Galar Pokémon comes into play that has not yet been officially announced by Niantic: Lauchzelot, the Galar version of Porenta. This pocket monster is also identified as "Crypto" and "Redeemed" in the data, so it may be a reward when cleaning up Crypto-PokéStops.

The references to Team Go Rocket's interference also increase due to the fact that both Jessie and James are mentioned by name in the Pokémon Go Gamemaster files; Team Rocket's famous duo. So it is quite possible that the Niantic people will start another team go-rocket event in June 2020. This was already hinted at when the break for the recurring Giovanni special research was announced. We are very excited to see what will happen in this regard! What the makers of Pokémon Go Hub still in the Pokémon Go APK 0.175.0 you can see on the website of the PoGo fans. This includes information about raid invitations for friends and free boxes in the shop. The latter may be the 1-Poké coin bundles that players have received in the past few weeks and for which the look and free infrastructure have so far been lacking.

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