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Today, November 10, 2020, the two consoles Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X from Microsoft are officially released. Above all, the latter version with the stronger hardware under the hood is currently nowhere to be found. A console launch day without consoles. Beautiful new world.

Whoop, whoop. The new generation of consoles is finally here! So at least the Microsoft half of the new generation. The Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X celebrate their official launch today, November 10th! In fact, we already know some lucky pre-orderers who will send theirs Standing ashtrayUnpack the games tower and try it out.

However, not all pre-orderers have this luck. As reported by Kotaku, various Amazon customers received an email yesterday letting them know that their Xbox Series X (buy now ) will only be sent in the course of November or even December. Of course, you don't want to get such a message 24 hours before the official console launch.

Yesterday, on November 9th, various online retailers are said to have given the opportunity to pre-order both Microsoft consoles, but the Xbox Series X in particular was quickly sold out on all platforms. Microsoft itself refers on the official homepage on Amazon, Media Markt, Otto and Game stop. Only at Media Markt can you put the console in the shopping cart. Here, too, delivery should take place on November 19th at the earliest.

If you want to know what the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are good for, we recommend the extensive test by colleagues at PC Games.
They have already been able to try out the Microsoft consoles extensively.

How are you doing? Have you pre-ordered an Xbox Series device? And if so: is the console already in the living room or are you still waiting to be shipped? Let us know in the comments!

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