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In a scene from the upcoming Netflix series Arcane for League of Legends you can convince yourself of the fascinating style of the animation series. You will also learn that Jinx, the trigger-happy, definitely has her problems with her sister Vi.

In autumn 2021, League of Legends will not only conquer domestic PCs – well … it already has – but also the larger screen, namely as part of the animated Netflix series Arcane. The people at Riot Games not only want to meet the fan requests, to put some of the characters from the popular MOBA in the spotlight and to tell their story visually, but of course also to win more hearts. After all, the League of Legends universe has not only consisted of the action-packed MOBA for some time.

Jinx vs Vi – someone has issues

In the clip that those responsible at Riot Games released some time ago, you can see two things for yourself. For one, you will learn more about the fact that both Jinx and Vi seem to be in focus. On the other hand, the style of the series, which is more reminiscent of cell shading, catches the eye – anyone who believed that the LoL series would also come in the look of the MOBA was wrong.

In the scene you see Jinx who comes into an abandoned building and finds a boxing machine with Vi in the first place on its highscore board. Something seems to have happened between the two sisters; in flashback scenes you can discover them both again and again. Jinx finally takes out her anger on the machine. However, their energy is not enough to kick Vi off the board. Jinx, who is not called the trigger-happy one for nothing, has her very own solution.

It is not yet officially known when exactly Arcane will appear in the Netflix program.

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