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Because of the outbreak of the corona virus, those responsible for the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) have put the competition on hold for the time being. Only when the situation has calmed down a bit, do the organizers want to continue the e-sports league in China. The Academy League with the young players of the LPL will not be staging any match days either. Traditional sports should also be paused in China.

In China, the corona virus has kept the entire country in suspense for a few days. Now those responsible for the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) have reacted and postponed the MOBA's e-sports competition, which has been running for a week, indefinitely. The league will only return when the safety and health of all players and fans is guaranteed. As soon as there is new information, those responsible log in via the official Twitter account of the LPL.

Since the outbreak of the corona virus, several travel bans have been ordered in China. Meetings in the country's major cities are also currently not permitted. At the current time, over 2,700 people are said to have been infected with the disease. The number of deaths has risen to 80 in the past few days. The virus has already arrived in Europe. In addition to the LPL, the matches of the Academy League for newcomers were also postponed indefinitely.

But not only e-sports, but also traditional sports should be put on hold in China. By the end of March 2020, the "General Administration of Sport" of the country to pause all professional sporting events. The LPL teams are currently one of the most successful League of Legends organizations. In the past two years, Invictus Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix, two LPL representatives, have won the World Cup in South Korea and Europe.

Source: Twitter

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