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Ubisoft is currently working on a remake of Prince of Persia. Fans have been waiting for a new game for PC and console for more than ten years. According to the leak, the release could be planned for this year. It was not yet clear from the description which of the titles could be remakeed. Maybe there will be new information at Ubisoft Forward in September.

Prince of Persia fans may have their hopes for a new game again. On Wednesday, a previously unknown entry for a Prince of Persia remake appeared in an online shop. A short time later the product page was deleted again, but some users were able to take some screenshots in good time. Below we have included a tweet with corresponding images.

The supposed new edition of Prince of Persia was initially only listed for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. If this is actually a real project, an additional release for PC and Xbox One is more than likely. A release period was also revealed. In November 2020 it should supposedly be ready. The Ubisoft team has not yet commented. Jason Schreier also gave further information on the authenticity of the leak. In a tweet, the Bloomberg editor makes a reference to the many Ubisoft leaks in the past. We have included the tweet for you below.

From the description, however, it was not clear which of the titles will be remakeed. Fans of the series have been waiting for a new offshoot of Prince of Persia for more than ten years. Most recently, The Dagger of Time, a new escape room in VR, was presented in the universe of the trilogy from 2003 to 2005. In September there will be a new edition of Ubisoft Forward. Perhaps the remake surprise will be revealed here. We will keep you up to date.

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