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A supposed leak in the Reddit forum is said to have revealed tons of information about Marvel's Spider-Man 2 for PlayStation 5. The successor is expected to appear in 2021 and will again feature Peter Parker in the lead role. Miles Morales and MJ will also be part of the cast again. So far, the title has not been officially announced.

Just a day after Sony unveiled the technical details of the PlayStation 5 Rumors on the Internet surfaced revolving around Marvel's Spider-Man 2. The successor to the 2018 title is said to be under development at Insomniac Games for PS5. The alleged leak was published in the Reddit forum by a throwaway account that is said to have inside information about the new game.

Even if many of the details sound plausible, you should first enjoy them with caution. So far, the continuation of Spider-Man has not yet been officially confirmed. According to the leak, the second part should appear in stores towards the end of 2021. The unveiling is scheduled to happen this summer. Like its predecessor, it will be a complete single player game that will play just a few months after the events of Part 1. While Peter Parker remains the protagonist, Miles Morales should now also play a more important role and be playable.

The game world in New York this time will include Queens and Brooklyn. According to the leak, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will also offer three different swing mechanics – including Realistic, Arcade and Hybrid. While the realistic mode is based on the physics-based swing of Spider-Man 2 from 2004, Arcade is a method with support. The hybrid mode is said to be very similar to the swing from part 1. There will also be new animations.

The user in the Reddit forum also briefly goes into the supposed story. Accordingly, Eddie Brock will play an important role as a villain. Harry Osborn is set to return as the Venom in Spider-Man 2. Carnage and Mysterio are also believed to be part of the villains' team. You can read the complete leak in the Reddit forum.

Source: Reddit

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