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Even before there is official Year 2 information in The Division 2, rumors of an expansion called "Warlords of New York" are spreading – a paid expansion that Division 2 makers may want to let go of the agents in early March 2020 ,

at reddit (via PC games) rumors are circulating that the developers of the loot shooter The Division 2 (buy now for 32.74 €) will announce the expansion "Warlords of New York" for the second year on the evening of February 11, 2020, and which should celebrate its release in early March 2020. Reddit user Hurinzor has gathered the clues found by HandsomeRalph, gustavonerdz and other division fans. Accordingly, a screenshot of The Division 2 Year 1 Annual Pass already says that it does not include the Warlords of New York expansion, due to be released on March 3, 2020. In addition, a trailer entitled "Teaser Warlords of New York" was published on Ubisoft's Latin American YouTube channel, which has since been renamed "Teaser de Expansión". The trailer itself does not reveal much, of course.

Players have found more information about this. Warlords of New York is said to revolve around a well-known character of the division universe, namely Aaron Keener, one of the former division agents, who now leads a group of four highly talented and excellently trained lieutenants. So you can expect a new story arc, in which you will hunt your nemesis. A level 30 boost allows you to jump straight into a new adventure with an agent. Of course, New York is a new open-world area.

As already mentioned, this information has not been officially confirmed, so it is quite skeptical. You will probably find out what will really come as part of the live stream for The Division 2.

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