Leak reveals what PlayStation gamers really want

An internal Sony document now reveals what gamers really want from the console. The features of the new PlayStation 5 should help to fulfill the wishes of the players.

PlayStation 5

PS5: Single player gets even better

Special innovations of the PlayStation 5 are the Activities and in-game help. An internal document from Sony is said to be loud Vice reveal why the console manufacturer has focused on these features.

Collected Game dates from 2019 show, although multiplayer games in particular dominate sales, PlayStation players still spend an extraordinary amount of time playing Single player games. In a survey of around 3,000 players, Sony then wanted to know which ones Problems They come across most often while playing offline:

  • “I have no idea how long it will take me. I only play when I have at least two hours. "
  • "It takes a long time to search through long help videos when I get stuck."
  • "The risk of spoilers when exchanging information with others is high."
  • “I forgot the last thing I did in this game. It's hard to get back in. "

The factor time seems to be a big sticking point for many players when it comes to single-player games. The activities feature of the PS5 can be better overview about what to expect next and how long it will take for the player. That simplifies the Planning to gamble.

Unfortunately there would still be no uniform systemto incorporate activities into the games. So far, the developers there have been pursuing different approaches. In Demon's Souls it is the connection between the worlds, whereas in Spider-Man: Miles Morales you can jump directly into a mission or side quest.

According to Sony, the activity is ideal when there is a unit at the Game structure oriented, for example a quest, a chapter, a section or more. The great hype about single player games, coupled with the problems the players have expressed, has probably contributed to a large extent to the new features of the PS5.

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It will be exciting to see how the activities on PlayStation 5 will develop over time. Future statistics will show whether and to what extent the players will ultimately make use of it.