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Apple is expected to present the next generation of the iPhone as early as next week. The company will be launching a total of four models this year. With the iPhone 12 mini there is a new representative for the lower price segment. The new smartphones will appear in stores at the end of the month.

Apple will release its new line of iPhones a little later this year than usual. But fans don't have to wait too long for the announcement. According to current rumors, Apple is currently planning an event for October 13th. The focus here will then be on the models of the iPhone 12. In the run-up to the broadcast, a leaker has now shared further details about the new smartphones.

Accordingly, Apple should present four models of the iPhone 12 this year. New is the so-called iPhone 12 mini, which will not only be the cheapest model in terms of price, but also offer the smallest screen with 5.4 inches. In addition, the mini series should offer the largest selection of colors. In addition to classics such as black, white and red, blue, yellow and coral will also be available. The other models of the iPhone 12 will then probably only be available in white, black and silver.

Sales of the new smartphones are scheduled to begin on October 23. The iPhone 12 will appear about a month later than the iPhone 11 last year. You can read the individual prices and storage sizes of the different models in the tweet below. Bear in mind that the prices in Germany are usually above the dollar prices. The most expensive version of the iPhone 12 Pro Max this year will cost up to $ 1,399. As part of the event, Apple will also present new headphones that will be added to the range in addition to the EarPods.

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