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Gameplay material for New World is currently rather rare, because alpha tests of the Amazon MMORPGs have always been under NDA, so they were subject to a confidentiality agreement. A tester probably doesn’t care: He shows eight hours of pure gameplay.

Many gamers are waiting for the release of New World on August 31st. But so far very few people have really been able to experience how the game plays in the long run. Because alpha testers had to confirm an NDA, i.e. a declaration of confidentiality. But that didn’t stop a New World player: He has now A total of eight hours of gameplay material spread over two videos released. This shows content such as character creation, battles, as well as PvE activities and events. However, it seems to be old footage from 2020 – player characters can switch between three weapon sets, for example, which has not been possible since January 2021. In addition, only eight weapons are available to the player, the new ice gloves or spears are not yet integrated.

Ours also dates from this time Preview of the endgame area brackish water, where editor Matthias had a fight with zombie pirates.

Amazon may soon have the videos blocked again because the uploader had published them once before. Until then they can be seen in this place:

When can I play New World?

While New World (buy now 39,99 € ) will be officially released on August 31st, there will be an opportunity to play in advance. Because on July 20th, the closed beta of New World starts, in which you are guaranteed to be able to participate if you have pre-ordered the game. The developers also repeatedly publish insights into the game world of Aeternum, for example with a new, detailed video on the PvPvE mode outpost rush.

Those: mmorpg.org.pl

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