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A supposed leak of several pictures of Rainbow Six: Quarantine is currently circulating on the Internet. Fans will probably get a first glimpse of the content of the Ubisoft co-op shooter. A confirmation is still pending. Among other things, there is information about the operator and locations of the game. Details of the campaign are also part of the leak.

At E3 2019, Ubisoft has announced Rainbow Six: Quarantine, a co-op spinoff from the shooter series. However, those responsible have not yet revealed many details since the presentation. The release was also postponed to the second half of the current year a few months ago. A supposed leak has now appeared on the Internet, which may give us a first look at various information.

The pictures show that Rainbow Six: Quarantine will probably take over some of the content from Siege. These include, for example, 21 operators, who according to the leak are divided into Assault, Recon and Support. A total of four players will defend themselves against the infected in different co-op missions (sabotage, disruption, escort and hunt). The enemies also get their own class with Grunt, Breacher, Rooter, Smasher, Ape and three other types.

The first details of the campaign can also be found in the leak. It is already known that the story of the outbreak event of Rainbow Six: Siege is told in Quarantine. This story is likely to take place at three locations – New York, San Francisco and an as-yet-unknown location called TRC. Each location will offer a total of three missions. And cosmetic items will also be found in the game again. Weapons and equipment also have various rarities. When Ubisoft will speak about Rainbow Six: Quarantine is currently unclear.

Rainbow Six: Quarantine: Announcement Teaser Tailer

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