For many fans of the Battlefield series, the choice of setting is one of the most important information. The leak of two images now allows conclusions to be drawn about what players can expect in Battlefield 6. If the pictures are real, many fans should be happy.

Battlefield 5

At the weekend, two images appeared that were taken from the upcoming trailer for Battlefield 6 could come from. The quality of the images, however, warns you to be careful, to be able to assume something about the appearance of Battlefield. In addition, it has not been confirmed that the images are real or that they may have been from a pre-release version of a trailer.

However, the well-known leaker confirmed Tom Henderson on Twitter that the two pictures should be real.

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Henderson made some drawings as early as April 15, 2021 that match the leaked images. He also revealed that the pictures come from a trailer for Battlefield 6.

A battlefield in the modern age

In the left picture, those already discussed in the leak about the crash landings are again thematized Ospreys to see. The cockpit in the right picture also speaks for an aircraft from the modern age. Accordingly, Battlefield 6 could be the setting in the Present or near future find what is very popular with many fans.

The pictures also show a tornado, so maybe play Weather phenomena a role on the maps of Battlefield 6.

Original message from April 30, 2021:

Battlefield-6-Leak: A deleted feature in BF5 would be a boon for break pilots

In Battlefield, pilots only have to take off when their machine falls from the sky. A feature was planned for BF5 that allowed crash landings, but was then canceled. According to an insider, this is returning in Battlefield 6.

In addition to the large-scale battles, the Battlefield series is primarily known for being fought on land, on water and in the air. Air combat can be found in all games and that will of course also be the case in Battlefield 6, which is expected by fans.

Second chance for break pilots

For the fights in the air, according to an insider, give a new feature in Battlefield 6, which is actually more specifically about the end of the dogfight. If an aircraft or a helicopter is too badly damaged, it will crash and the pilot and crew will only have to take the risky parachute jump. Actually, there should already be a feature in Battlefield 5 that offers another option.

At a Crash landing (English: Crash Landing) players should get the opportunity to get a “landing” with a damaged machine. The aircraft or helicopter would be destroyed, but the crew should survive and keep fighting. This feature was seen in a trailer for Battlefield 5:

However, this feature has been removed from BF5. The known Insider Tom Henderson responded to one on Twitter, however Reddit-Postby having this feature discussed for Battlefield 6 with a green tick as confirmation. In the following Twitter thread he revealed that according to his information in the reveal trailer for BF6, an Osprey (whiz kid for troop transport) crashes into a group of soldiers and shows the feature.

A first teaser for Battlefield 6 is mentioned by many in the next two weeks expected. On the one hand, some insiders assume that, on the other hand, the teasers for BF1 and BF5 also appeared in May 2016 and 2018, respectively. Since EA has now officially announced that it will publish Battlefield 6 in 2021, a teaser is very likely soon.