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Leaked PS5 video reveals much-anticipated feature

So shortly before the release of the Next Gen, images, screenshots and gameplay videos about the new consoles are spawning all over the Internet, including a short video leak about Spider-Man: Miles Morales on the PS5, in which the loading times have been practically wiped out were.

PlayStation 5

Will the PS5 deliver what it promised in terms of loading times? Apparently we can Loading screens will actually say goodbye in the future, as promised by a newly leaked video for Spider-Man: Miles Morales on PS5. The small excerpt in the Reddit forum is described as, "PS5 loading times: From the PS5 home screen to the game Spider-Man: Miles Morales in just 7 seconds. "

Check out the video on the Reddit thread:

You can also see the new one PS5 home screen, as well as you a tiny one Look at Spider-Man: Miles Morales receive. The PS5 as well as the Xbox Series X will offer further new features, which we have collected for you here at a glance.

In addition to the loading times, the new DualSense controller praised, who reacts to a number of in-game details with vibration effects and wants to pull you even deeper into the action. Ultimately, however, it will surely only become clear with time and further next-gen releases how the functions of the controller will be used. In the meantime, you should keep an eye out for official test videos of the next-gen consoles, as some of them seem to have already been delivered to various games editorial offices …

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The PlayStation 5 will appear as usual on 19th November 2019, while the Xbox Series X already on November 10th will slide into the release. Both consoles are more or less sold out everywhere right now, and release day will most likely be too no copies in stores pop up. If you want to grab a console to start with, you should keep your eyes open for hopefully new online offers.

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