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With the start of the new ID in WoW you can now improve your legendary cloak Ashjra'kamas up to rank 11. This jump not only increases protection against the loss of mental health in the visions, but you also get more corruption resistance, which helps you in raids, mythical dungeons and other content alike.

The legendary cloak Ashjra'kamas is one of the most important items in WoW (buy now for € 19.99) Patch 8.3. Not only do you not have to compete against N'Zoth in Ny'alotha without him, he is also extremely helpful with all other content in the game. Because in addition to the high item level, it reduces the corruption that you accumulate by wearing corrupt items. In order to make your character more powerful over time, you should regularly upgrade the cloak about completing the Disturbing Visions. However, this is not endlessly possible because Blizzard has introduced a maximum level that increases weekly. In the current ID you can bring the cape up to level 11. However, anyone who was not pleased in the past week that several degrees of vision had to be completed will now be even less happy.

Four disturbing visions needed

To move the cloak from tenth to eleventh, Furorion requires eight Torn out side of "fear and flesh" of you. You get this for the completion of a side area in the disturbing vision. It doesn't matter whether you complete one of the easier (corrupt) or heavier (lost) areas. It doesn't matter if you defeat the final boss. However, the number of pages you can get per vision is limited to two. Even if you complete all areas plus the final boss, you will only get two pages. Still, it's worth it, of course, because if you do, you'll get significantly more Corrupted Keepsakes. In any case, you need at least four runs to upgrade the cloak. Here again all important information in short form:

  • You need eight Torn out side of "fear and flesh",
  • You will get a page for completing a corrupt or lost area.
  • You get a maximum of two pages per disturbing vision.
  • You do NOT have to kill the final boss (Alleria) for this.

For upgrading to rank 11, your cloak rises two item levels, gets seven points more corruption resistance and reduces the loss of your mental health in the visions from 50 to 65 percent.

Cloak level Item level Verderbniswiderstand Reduction in Mental Health Loss (%)
1 470 5 20
2 472 12 20
3 474 12 25
4 476 20 25
5 478 20 40
6 480 20 40
7 482 27 40
8th 484 27 45
9 486 35 45
10 488 35 50
11 490 42 65

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