Legendary Cloak Rank 15 and the Malicious Core

of Sebastian Glanzer
New WoW ID, new legendary cape upgrade. Those who have been hard-working so far can upgrade the legendary cape from 15th to 16th this week. This changes for the first time how you upgrade the cloak, because you need a new item. Incidentally, this also affects the catch-up mechanism.

Also this week you can wear your legendary cloak again Ashjra'kamas upgrade by one level. Anyone who has stayed on the ball can upgrade from ID 15 to 16 in this ID. From this rank, neither the item level of the cloak nor the protection of your mental health in the visions of N'Zoth increase. With each of the following upgrades, the resistance to corruption only increases by three points. Resistance increases from 50 to 53 this week, and 125 resistance to corruption is the end.

For the upgrades you need a new item called Malicious core. You get this from rank 15 either once through the victory against N'Zoth (in normal, heroic or mythical mode) or through a vision in which all four bonus zones have been successfully completed. Unlike communicated last week, you don't need to activate masks for the Malicious Core. The upgrade is now faster. You can also save your manifested visions (if it's the unpopular Stormwind Week, for example) and defeat N'Zoth instead.

Rules for the catch-up mechanics from rank 15
If you only reach 15th place this week, you can still reach 16th place thanks to the catch-up mechanism. Since the Malicious Core only exists once from N'Zoth and once from the visions, you have to graze both sources for two upgrades. The situation is similar with the catch-ups: You can receive two upgrades per week, but only one each from N'Zoth and the Visions.

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