A highlight of the Mass Effect series were the characters. An obvious but exciting secret grew up around the quarian Tali over three games, the resolution of which was a disappointment for many. The Legendary Edition now wants to do better.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Since May 14, 2021 you can save the galaxy again as Commander Shepard. The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is a remaster of the entire trilogy and you will be accompanied by some characters for dozens of hours. So too the quarian Tali.

The quarians and their suits

The quarians alien race must because of their weak immune systems always wear an environmental suitso that they can survive. Already in the first part, Shepard meets the quarian Tali, who can turn from a crew member to a loyal friend and partner of Shepard. There Nobody really knows what quarians actually look like, because behind the glass visor of the helmet, apart from a few pale shining eyes, nothing of the face can be seen.

Throughout the three games, fans were waiting to finally see Tali’s face. There are only one way and this is a photo Shepard gets when he starts a relationship with her. What fans then saw made them more than unhappy.

“Photoshop Philip of the Month”

As it quickly turned out, the photo was of Tali a slightly edited stock photo by photographer Metthew Leete that pretty much everyone at Getty Images can get. Fans were enraged by the little effort BioWare put into this reveal. Tali is one of the main characters and the appearance of the quarians is a mystery that has remained with players for many hours.

On the left the stock photo and on the right the image that Shepard can see in Mass Effect 3. (Image: Getty Images / Matthew Leete // BioWare)

Also, most of the players have the quarians so not presented. In the picture they only saw a person with grayish skin who was missing two fingers. They also asked the legitimate question why a race that spends its life in protective suits grows hair in the first place.

Improvement in the Legendary Edition

This is what Tali’s face looks like in the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. (Image: BioWare)

Although Tali still looks very human in the Legendary Edition, the embarrassing stock photo has disappeared. The new photo looks much more authentic and even if the posing model has certainly done a good job, the photo should rather be on an advertising poster and not on Commander Shepard’s bedside table.